A little lonely looking for a friend

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Maybe everyone is looking down at their phones instead of talking to each other.

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Many of us feel alone together, disconnected from passersby on the street, in our workplace, maybe even in our own home. So we turn to our smartphones for comfort, connection, entertainment, or distraction, not realizing that socializing through text—ing, messaging, or chatting on social media—rarely makes us feel better. Instead, it gets us stuck in our loneliness. Some of us are around people all day long. Why, we wonder, do we still feel lonely? Well it turns out that many of us are distracted during the majority of our social interactions—something we have technology to thank for.

But what we're all missing out on: The chance to connect for real. What to do: Be more mindful. Now, does this mean we have to meditate, sit in silence, and spend time reflecting on ourselves? Not at all! It just requires that you be present in the moment and open to life as it unfolds. Step 1: Start noticing when you're not present.

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If your thoughts are beyond the present moment, you're not present. Keep an eye on whether you are thinking about anything other than what is happening right in front of you. What is the other person saying? How are they feeling? If you are able to focus on the moment you're in, it can help you feel real connection and combat loneliness.

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Your strengths are what make you you. Reflect on them today with your 7 Days to Resilience challenge, now in the Shine app. Here's a sneak peek before you get started:. Make Connecting a Habit Because we only have a limited amount of time each day, our habit of spending more of our time using technology can result in us spending less of our time doing things that combat loneliness. Make connecting with people—on a deeper level—part of your routine, and it'll help you curb loneliness before it sets in.

Social media often tricks us into thinking that everyone is doing better than we are. In reality, people are increasingly struggling with mental health issueslike loneliness. If that's not possible, research suggests that texting with someone can help you feel better, at least in the short term. So when in doubt, reach out! But research suggests that even small social interactions with strangers—like chatting with someone in the line at the grocery store—can make us feel less lonely.

Research suggests small social interactions with strangers—like chatting with someone in the line at the grocery store—can make us feel less lonely. Challenge yourself to talk to one stranger per day.

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Say hello to someone you pass on the street, chat with a cashier, or strike up a conversation with someone on your commute or at work. Shine is supported by members like you. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. See our affiliate disclosure for more info.

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Feeling a Little Lonely? Try Tuning Into the Present. Tchiki Davis. Here's a sneak peek before you get started: 2. Tchiki Davis, M. Davis draws on her experiences building well-being products and interventions in Silicon Valley to deliver innovative ideas for increasing personal well-being. To learn more about how Tchiki can help you measure and improve well-being, please visit her at berkeleywellbeing. Get real-time advice, lift up others, and feel connected to kind, motivated people across the world.

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Feeling lonely? Try finding better friends