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JV-Approximator men and 69 officers of the North Dakota national guard. The first contingent of the regiment will arrive in the city Thursday morning when the quartermaster detachment, Bismarck, commanded by Major Harold Sorenson, will set up camp and supervise the transportation of troops from the trains and transport the rations to the camp. Aside from Major Sorenson others who will arrive that day include Captain F. The company officers' tents already are 'set up? Anders, reserve engineer, will not be here this year as his new position, secretary of the cap-ltol building committee, will not give him ample tune.

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Three regular army officers, attached to tne h infantry, as instructors, and four others will be here. Plans are being made for governor s day, which will be June 21 this year, General Fraser said. Following church in the morning there will be a "sharn" battle on the parade grounds in which all units of the regiment will pattlcl- pate, mian.

The meaicai detachment and headquarters companies the ioimer with ambulances and re h - snd the latter with communication lines will take part in tne Three trains fiom the east, west and south, will start Saturday morning for the camp and will arrive shortly afer noon that day.

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The objective for the troops when they arrive as contained in the general instructions of the camp schedule is the correct solution of tactical problems i nits squad, sec- problems v. HI be varied in attack, defense and security on the march and during halts. The objective for the field and -staff is to function m an efficient manner in command post exercises; to supervise. Inspect, noia critiques and to assist l the train - ing oi tne troops. Duties Are Outlined -h,no ffim tramins and i special un. Williston, HI i Fraser will act ; as 1 ing. Cavalier: sec-end battalion headquarters, Cando.

Edueley: Service Company, Lisbon; quartermaster detachment, Kismarck. DJune Sandanger, pastor of the local church, will introduce the con vention topic. The Women's Missionary Federation of the circuit which will also hold sessions will be in charge of the meeting June Missionary A. Hftueren is to soeak. Business sessions will be conducted by the women's group on the opening day of the convention.

Lutness, Adultwork com Minot North Dakota, is circuit president. Hon to the fact that the famous German movie star is married and has a five-year-old child Here is her answer to the criticism. Miss Dietrich chose to pose for a photographer with the daughter, whose name is Maria Sieber. Tubune Farmers ceploring the present ruinous prices ot farm products might well inquire why it is the French and 1 Belgian f aimers are getting a guaranteed price of well over SI 50 prr bushel for vheat, with other farm products ;n demand a 10 nillionai created here during the war, r made in France and Belgium during that crucial period Perhaps tne reason lies in the row on row of little white crosses, each marking hero's grave, which are constant lewmders to the Fiench and Belgian people of their bitter loss.

Or perhaps tho whole reason lies in the ior me oeneut oi an tne people ana merely fm special favored few Whatever tte farmer is Coing tne American these days, the lesult make considerable difference in th coming election. BismarcK, N. Getting a different perspective mht help the farmer understand do him and his familwortd " has comtto be the accepted an annual varation Dnrincr this no.

But the farmer seldom, if ever. Bets 1 away from home save when he goesislon leader; the young people's see-to town on his regular shopping trips. I tion at the Congregational church, Very few farmers' wives know. Vaile presiding and Dr. It is f. Perhaps mat is wny so many larm ooys to leave home so they can e vacation once in a while without j worrying as to whether or not the cows are milked and the pigs fed.

Schleoo and sons called- at thei Joe Fisher home Monday. Elmer i Lundquist and Mrs. Dietzman re- ; each and Adam i i Lundquist and Mrs. Dietzman with drew in favor of Schauer.

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Tebbo Harms was a caller in Bis- marck Monday. Miss Vina Harms came home from Dickinson Saturday to spend the n-ppic. Dietzman home. Joe Fisher and chil- attended the baptismal services rcer Sunday. Fisher stated ' there Vci; jJiiu ua uiere were people at the gathering. Armstrong, state superintendent of the North Dakota Coun- The principal speakers from outside of the state will be Dr. Harry C. Chicago, director of adult work of the International Council; Harriett Adultwork com Minot North Dakota seara, st.

Helena, area director of religious education for the Methodist church. Approximately people are ex- pectea to auena tne convention. Rlnelee of Dickinson is general chairman in charge of the arrange ments ana Armstrong is general convention manager. Pond, Crary, president of the state council, is to preside at all the general sessions.

Saturday forenoon: schools of methods for children's section at the Methodist church, lower floor, with Mrs. McGregor presiding and Harriett Edna Beard torlum, c. Munro and worship service in charge of R. Conrad, Fargo. Saturday afternoon: schools of methods; children's section, Metho- Hie, xhiirrh- voiinc DeoDle's section, ministers-superintendents section, and general session. County officers ban- Villard hotel. Presiding, Rev. Dickey, Fargo. Introductions by Mr.

Armstrong: estit Turre Pro tiros Schafer. Hoffman: Wlmc from eountv officers. CaSS -Povr. McGregor, Fargo; jun- AuMeresor. Parco: jun-! High school section, conereeational church. L Woodward superintendent, worship service in cnarge oi neien a. Sunday morning church service, fJmWJi. An aerage of one student of every 35 faU at the University of Utan. Does This Look Likelt? Rut fmm t. Towns was held here.

The movement was sponsored by the Civic club and Legion Auxiliary of Aneta. TimnS' q h? Discussion centered around the making of long Williston Oudbrandsdler liv- ing In western North Dakota and I eastern Montana will attend the annual convention of Hie Novel-! Brooks, county president. Murray, Mott attor- ney, reported here that about head of lambs were killed by uogs in ' 1 this vicinity. Fifty of the wool producers in the county, attended the meeting. Sf,8J6,29,6;02s "J1 wlthBureau of 5 Census.

Wool porduction in the U. The world production, however, is expected to show a decrease, according to early estimates. Ford cars are now equipped with safety glass in all doors and windows at a small extra charge THE Triplex safety glass windshield has always been an outstanding feature of the Model A Ford.

By reducing the dangers of Hying glass, it has saved many lives and prevented countless injuries in automobile collisions. Now comes a farther assurance of safety to every Ford owner. The charge for this extra protection is unusually low because of large production and the development of new methods of manufacture.

Simply tell the dealer when you buy the Ford that you want "safety plate glass in all doom and windows" and the car will be factory-equipped for you in that manner. Today, as before, the safety glass windshield 1b furnished as standard equip ment on all Ford cars without extra charge.

Ford dealers are not hi a potition to install safety glass in the uindous of your present Ford at the above prices THE. Moder ately cool weather has prevented the crop from being seriously damaged. From some points in western North Dakota cattle are being shipped to feedlots in the eastern part of the state. Around Wolf Point. High winds, cut worms and drouth have com bined to reduce mod prospects. Pas tures In eastern Montana and west ern North Dakota are noor. Wheat and other crops in central and western Montana have improved marseaiy as a result 01 gooa rams in tne oreat rails.

L wis town, Helena. Miles City. For syth, Lenner and Harlowton territories. Because of the lateness of moisture, however, there has been a greater shift from wheat to forage crops, resulting in a further wheat anticipated. Most parts of the Red River Valley, both in North Dakota and Minnesota, southeastern North Dakota Adultwork com Minot North Dakota most of the territory east of Jamestown report fair to good crop conditions.

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T Sterau-producers and dairy farmers. The county is in the Souris or Mouse River Valley. The land is somewhat rough and broken, and constitutes an ideal stock country. Valuable lignite coal deposits underlie the county. Towner la the county seat. Miss Schaeffer, superintendent of the Bismarck hospital, Mrs. Davies, superintendent of -nurses and Mrs Happel of Bismarck were visitors at the Glencoe manse Sunday. A dntow dinner was given at the Nell Funston home Sunday. The following guests were present: Miss Alice Bennek and Mr. Ashley, Cannon Ball; Mr.

Ag-new, Menoken; Mrs. Anlsson and the Misses Ness, Bismarck; and Rev. John BeeknsJI wax a a,mrf. Bert Buckley has been hauling rock which he will use to make the foundation for a new addition to his News recently has been received by Ronald Stewart of the death of his brother.

In uitam The deceased was a brother-in-law of John A. Stewart a prominent farmer of Stewartsdale. Don Ferguson are the parents of a daughter.

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George Hohelner ere Sundav miests f th. Earlvwine whn wnti Pleted a term of sehnm tn n o. Eugene Victoria The acta place where Bniam I tpcnl anrtfimg wlhappy Uespdled ef the uwds m he ibm senttnee.

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Adultwork com Minot North Dakota

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