Cute guy in wheelchair looking for help

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House of Representatives. Cawthorn, like me, is a guy in a wheelchair. But the Eleventh District used to be represented by Mark Meadows, who gave up his seat to become the latest chief of staff for the squatter currently still occupying the White House. It stands to reason that his successor would have to be as much of an over-the-top reactionary as he is.

And that describes Cawthorn all the way. So a moment in history that should make me buoyant with hope and elation has me filled with dread.

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I really wish I could root for Cawthorn. He has often attacked her and three other progressive women in Congress, sometimes collectively known as The Squad. Socialism only produces shared misery. Tonight, the voters of western North Carolina chose to stand for freedom and a new generation of leadership in Washington. Cawthorn portrays himself as the antidote for what he sees as the poisonous political agenda of legislators like Ocasio-Cortez. As some readers may recall, Cawthorn was a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention in August. I love you to death, dear readers, and I will do just about anything for you.

But I have to draw the line somewhere. Please forgive me. But fortunately or maybe notwe live in an era where videos are available on the Internet. In this speech, Cawthorn talked about the terrible car accident in which he was involved at the age of eighteen that made him a paraplegic. He said he was given a 1 percent chance of survival.

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I stood out in a crowd. But as I wheeled through the stadium, I felt invisible. The problem is that it has never really been tried. And so I picture young Congressman Cawthorn shilling for the greedy health-insurance industry by spewing the absurd notion that health insurers are champing at the bit to de packages that cover the many medical expenses of people with disabilities for a low monthly premium, if only given the chance.

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I fear that because he sits in a wheelchair, it will give him a false credibility as an expert who has heavily consumed health-care services. Ensuring my well-being cuts too deep into its profits. Having a disability is too expensive. For example, I have what might be considered to be health-care services administered to me every day by the members of my pit crew.

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They help me get dressed, get in and out of bed, take a shower, and so on. Private insurance never has and never will offer a product that provides me with that amount of indispensable assistance, especially for free. Without Medicaid to pay for people like my pit crew, so many disabled people who rely on others to assist us in our homes would be stranded. It takes way more than that. A lot of us would probably end up in nursing homes.

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And Medicaid would still have to pay for that. us as we, the party of freedom, double down on ensuring the American dream for all people. But over the last four years, Republicans and in particular the squatter have repeatedly tried to eviscerate Medicaid.

The rules are permanently rigged in favor of the dealer. No doubt Republican leaders will try to prevail upon Cawthorn to play the same role. When other disabled people are raising hell, will Cawthorn roll out and be the benevolent face of cutting the hell out of Medicaid? The Progressive Inc. Wikimedia Commons. Back to Search .

Cute guy in wheelchair looking for help

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Cute guy in wheelchair looking for help