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The Dental Assisting program at Ivy Tech is the only one in the State of Indiana where graduates can earn five workforce certifications and oneand become immediately employable when they graduate. The cost of earning a Dental Hygiene degree at Ivy Tech is less than half the cost of earning a Dental Hygiene degree at a four-year college or university!

Sonography is a growing and rapidly changing field. Get the training you need for your career in our cutting edge laboratory! If you are interested in healthcare and providing quality care without direct patient care, Health Information Technology is the field for you! Healthcare Specialist is the perfect place to begin your health care career. The short certificates make you employable in a year and you can work while continuing towards your AAS. Possible degree and credential options, full list here. Kinesiology and Exercise Science will provide an understanding of the human body and its motion to prepare students to be anything from a fitness instructor or coach, to working in sports management and marketing.

Our students get to participate in simulation labs acting as a member of a healthcare team to prepare for the Cyber sexy 47960 as a Medical Assistant! Our students have an excellent pass rate on the national board exam, our programs are accredited, and we have great clinical support from community healthcare providers.

Nursing students have opportunities to care for real patients in a variety of clinical settings, and skills are also learned in simulation labs. This means students can graduate sooner and begin working if they choose. This program gives you the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work in optical sciences. Through access to state-of-the-art lab equipment, optical clinics and dispensaries you will be provided with substantial real-world experience. This program offers lots of scenario-based critical thinking exercises, labs with high fidelity manikins, hands-on patient assessments, and even a Cyber sexy 47960 lab so students can practice advanced life support skills that would otherwise be only lectured about in class.

Do you want the opportunity to obtain a job working closely with patients to ensure their daily needs are met? The Patient Care Technician program prepares you for a job in a variety of settings with skills such as taking vital s, performing electrocardiography, drawing blood, and other procedures to assist with critical day-to-day care some patients require.

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Our Physical Therapist Assistant program prepares individuals, under the supervision of a physical therapist, to implement physical therapy treatment care plans, train patients, conduct treatment interventions, use equipment, and observe and record patient progress. Includes instruction in applied anatomy and physiology, applied kinesiology, principles and procedures of physical therapy, basic neurology and orthopedics, physical therapy modalities, documentation skills, psychosocial aspects of health care, wound and injury care, electrotherapy, working with Cyber sexy 47960 and prostheses, and personal and professional ethics.

PN graduates are qualified to provide basic care, under the direction of registered nurses and doctors, for patients in a variety of health care settings such as nursing homes, extended care facilities, hospitals, clinics, home health care and physician offices. Ivy Tech offers the only associate degree radiation therapy program in the state of Indiana and our VERT program is one of just 11 such programs in the United States. Ivy Tech campuses around the state offer nine of the total 11 Respiratory Therapy programs in Indiana.

A career in Surgical Technology is very fast-paced and challenging. You may be Cyber sexy 47960 to hold a beating heart in your hand or be part of a team in the Operating Room working on replacing a total hip or knee in the orthopedic rotation at your site! Our program offers smaller size classes that allow for one-on-one personal instruction during class. Students also receive additional training apart from the hour minimum requirement by the state. Advanced Automation and Robotics is deed for students interested in great careers in a global marketplace with world-class companies.

There is a huge shortage of skilled employees in manufacturing, and this degree will provide you with the skills needed to be successful in the modern manufacturing environment. The Automotive program, with the support of industry partners, is deed to be interactive and relevant to current and future industry demands.

The program incorporates industry recognized certifications as well as highly qualified instructors that believe in quality student learning experiences. Ivy Tech's Aviation Maintenance Technology program is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration FAA to teach students the skills needed to perform maintenance, inspection and repair of civilian aircraft. The Aviation Technology program is a great way to take your future to new heights!

Biotechnology is an area that has seen ificant growth in global employment. Nearly 58, Hoosiers work in the life sciences industry, making Indiana one of the top ten states for the of life sciences employees. Graduates get to solve chemical mysteries in almost every sector of business, and are prepared with strong trouble-shooting, communication, and analytical skills that make them highly desirable in many sectors, even those beyond the chemical laboratory.

Items that we use every day have been created by people with de technology backgrounds. Before something is put into production it must be deed. There are a variety of industries in which students can work including, architectural firms, construction companies, machining companies, and more. If you have an interest in a hands-on program that will help you diagnose and repair high-tech systems, this program is for you.

Ivy Tech graduates are sought after by local employers for a variety of positions in the field. Electrical engineering and electronics technology are fast-changing fields vital to almost every facet of modern life, and many employees and entrepreneurs are needed every year to meet demands. If you like math, science, and technology, EET may be the choice for you. Electronics and computer technologies ECT are fast-changing fields vital to almost every facet of modern life. Many employees are needed every year to meet demands.

If you like math, science, and technology, ECT may be the choice for you. The Energy Technology program is the future! This program is flexible! The Engineering Technology program is deed to be a transfer program, however as engineering firms work to find new ways to reduce cost and increase productivity, the demand for Engineering Technicians is increasing. Highly trained HVAC technicians are in high demand in diverse fields including commercial, Cyber sexy 47960, residential, hospitals and now even energy related fields such as geo thermal and solar thermal.

If you like to work with your hands and interact with machines, then this is the program for you.

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Hundreds of jobs in the Machine Tool Technology field are unfilled because of the lack of skilled workers. Our program was developed by employers to give students the best chance of landing their dream job. A society is only as strong as what it makes. If you like to make the future by working with your hands, but also want to apply your math and communication skills to a challenging and rewarding career field, Mechanical Engineering Technology may be the choice for you.

Precision Agriculture Equipment Technology is a continually expanding industry due to the technological advances in the equipment used in farming. Graduates of this program are in high demand due to this rapid growth. The field of Cloud Technologies is expanding quickly and so has the demand for people with this degree. For those that are tech savvy, this is a program that will help you reach your potential. The career field of computer science has consistently ranked toward the top in job satisfaction and salary over the last 20 years.

We are also one of the few two year colleges that offer this program. Many different types of database systems are used by virtually every kind of organization, resulting in a growing of employment opportunities as a database manager. Informatics thinks big picture, building strong technical skills as well as understanding how we use technology to communicate and solve interdisciplinary problems facing society. This program is loaded with field certifications and lots of internship opportunities with active partners in order to help you better yourself for the future!

The demand for individuals that have a degree in Software Development continues to grow just as the available technology does. This is a program that will have many options upon graduation, including advancement in a current job. Visual Communications offers an arena with a variety of creative and technical career opportunities. Students who are set to become professionals in visual communications have the skills that will give them control over their futures. ing jobs pay very well and are in-demand.

When you graduate you will be able to go right into the workforce or transfer to a four-year institution. The Business Administration program at Ivy Tech puts students directly in real-life scenarios and actual business situations and simulations to ensure students gain valuable job skills through a quality education. As an Office Administrator you can be working in a career named one of the top Hoosier Hot 50 jobs, leading to a great future for you. We are one of the few colleges in the state to offer this comprehensive program, and as a graduate you will be in high demand with our certifications.

If you want to start a business, or run yours more effectively, the Entrepreneurship program will help you avoid Cyber sexy 47960 mistakes. The sky is the limit with Entrepreneurship at Ivy Tech! Supply Chain and Logistics are two of the biggest industries in the Cyber sexy 47960 of Indiana.

The Criminal Justice program Cyber sexy 47960 students the opportunity to work with professionals in the fields including SWAT teams and other tactical teams through our Emergency Response Training Labs. The Early Childhood Education program focuses on early child growth and development including adult-child relationships. Emphasis is placed on the development of skills and techniques for providing appropriate environments and care for young children.

Our Environmental De students typically have jobs at the time of graduation, and are well connected to their professional and local community. Careers in emergency preparedness and response and environmental health and safety are in demand and are an important part to the well-being of our community. Students learn how to listen, interview and provide feedback, and are prepared to further their education as future social workers and counselors!

Students who are interested in the law in any capacity would benefit from the Paralegal Studies program. You will learn the substantive nature of the law, as well as how to transfer that knowledge into the skills needed to be successful in the legal profession. Are you the type who likes to help people and has a curiosity that thrives on helping them find the answers to questions or takes an interest in new media, technology or the internet?

Then our Library Technical Assistant program might be for you. Funeral service is a human services profession. As a professional in the field, you will aid families in coordinating meaningful services related to their loss. The Biology program gives students the opportunity to work with faculty from industry and research backgrounds and exposes students to a great array of biology topics with hands-on laboratory training experience in every science class.

This bachelor's degree prepares students for entry into a professional school such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, veterinary medicine, or dental hygiene. Our science graduates find employment in diverse occupations, including the following: Agriculture biotechnologist, Animal behaviorist, Animal husbandry technician, Biochemical development engineer, Bioinformatics specialist, Biomedical technician, Biostatistician, Dietitian, Ecologist, Educator, Evolutionary biologist, Experimental pathologist, Forensic pathology technician, Geneticist, Immunologist, Industrial waste section chief, Marine biologist, Microbiologist, Molecular biologist, Natural resources manager, Patent attorney, Pharmacologist, Physician, Physiologist, Phytopathologist, Restoration biologist, Wildlife biologist, Wildlife refuge technician and Zoo technician.

This bachelor's degree will prepare students for an exciting and rewarding career in industrial or government laboratories. Laboratory chemists work with chemical or pharmaceutical firms, fossil fuel processors, material testing laboratories, scientific equipment companies, or consumer product development firms.

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Chemists also work in state police laboratories and environmental monitoring agencies. Graduates of our program are employed as police officers and police administrators, professionals in adult and juvenile correctional programs, probation and parole officers, federal agents, security officers and consultants, criminal justice trainers, and educators. Others serve as professional staff in the offices of medical examiners, prosecutors, and courts. Many have found careers in the private economy as security professionals and as investigators for insurance companies, banks, and law firms.

Students are prepared to teach in preschool, primary, and special education classrooms for children aged birth through 3rd grade. Graduates pursue careers including: public or private school regular or special education teacher preschool — 3rd gradecommunity child-care teacher or administrator, Head Start teacher or administrator, public or private preschool teacher, family support specialist, developmental therapist, family life specialist and special needs coordinator. Completion of the Associate of Science degree in Education will give you the opportunity to transfer to a four-year college or Cyber sexy 47960 without losing any time or credits.

This bachelor's degree in education prepares you to teach in a K classroom. You'll also qualify for careers as a school counselor and school administrator. Alternative career paths include: Curriculum content creator, Education program director at a zoo, museum, or other cultural attraction, Textbook editor, Corporate trainer and Sales representative.

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Graduates assume a variety of roles in human service settings, including: autism specialists, child and family case managers, residential counselors, program coordinators and youth workers. Human services professionals will be able to work effectively in diverse settings such as: correctional, intellectual disability, and community health centers as educators, case managers, and other areas. Graduates may find jobs as programmer analysts or computer technicians. The Engineering program can be a great stepping stone whether you want to be an electrical, mechanical, civil, computer or any other engineer.

This program provides a strong foundation in science, mathematics and engineering. Special emphasis is placed on qualitative and quantitative analytical skills necessary in engineering while working in a team environment. There will also be material covered that deals with the applied aspects of science in engineering. Students will get direct experience with industry leading software such as Multisim for electrical circuit simulation and MATLAB for Cyber sexy 47960 modeling. Our graduates are hired for a variety of positions, including: Mechanical engineer, Product de engineer, Production engineer, Project engineer, Manufacturing engineer, Quality engineer.

With experience, our graduates advance to positions such as: Lead deer, Plant manager, Project manager, Supervisor, Team leader and Technical manager. This degree will prepare you to work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, extended care facilities, clinics, homes, and community health agencies.

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Psychology has been consistently named as one of the nation's top 10 college majors. Psychology majors find employment in social service agencies, academics, business, nonprofit, and government organizations. Possible job titles both with and without additional graduate studies include: Psychologist, Secondary Teacher, Postsecondary Teacher, Social Worker and Nonprofit Employee.

The Secondary Education associate degree offers students the opportunity to complete the first two years of coursework toward an eventual teaching degree in biology or mathematics. Both of these teaching areas have been identified by the Indiana Department of Education as having current and projected shortages of qualified teachers. The Social Work track within the AS in Human Services is deed specifically for students who wish to transfer and earn their BSW degree on their way to a career in the high demand field of social work.

The Special Education Program prepares students for licensure at the preschoolth grade levels in Cyber sexy 47960.

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Graduates will be prepared for a of career opportunities as a professional Graphic deer, Exhibit or environmental deer, Art director, Brand strategist, User experience deer, Mobile app deer, Typeface deer, Interactive deer, Motion graphics animator, Book deer, Package deer or Broadcast deer. Disclaimer: Wage data taken from U.

Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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