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In. Edit The Girl Next Door Showing all 30 items. Jump to: Director Cameo 1 Spoilers 3. As Emile Hirsch was still a minor during production, all of his nude scenes were performed by a stunt double.

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For the lap dance scene, several pillows were placed between him and the dancer. During the scene in the strip club when Emile Hirsch is trying to figure out how to smoke the cigar, the gag of him dropping the cigar was not scripted but rather a happy accident.

The director liked it so much, he left it in. In the scene-specific DVD audio commentary for the film Emile Hirsch reveals that when shooting the scene where Elisha Cuthbert forces him to strip, director Luke Greenfield wanted him to shave his chesthair but Hirsch who was 17 at the time refused because, as he himself puts it, "did not wanna shave off my manhood".

Elisha Cuthbert filmed this movie while she was filming 24 When asked about the hectic schedule, she said, "Our weekends were Monday and Tuesday and the show was, obviously, Saturday and Sunday, so every day for three months.

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The prom in the film takes place in the cafeteria, the same way the director's was. The film not only shared a similar plot to Risky Businessbut the composer Paul Haslinger is a former member of Tangerine Dream, the band that provided the soundtrack for Risky Business. Originally, both Briana Banks and Jenna Jameson were slated to appear in this film. The Cougars lion costume featured in numerous scenes of the film is the same one as featured in Old Schoolthis time under the name "Harrison Cougars".

The woman shown in the magazine at the beginning of the film is Briana Banks. The line "So, what's the craziest thing you've done lately?

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The box of cigars Kelly receives at the end from Matthew are Romeo and Julieta vintage cigars. The "Vivid Video" cap that Eli wears is from a real porn production company.

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The sword hanging on the wall in the background of the "karate porn" video is a Klingon "Bat'leth" sword from the Star Trek series. The initial concept was a remake of Risky Businesswhich eventually developed into its own film. Although there are still similarities between the two films. Jay Mohr auditioned for the role of Kelly, but was told the part had gone to Matt Dillon. The part of Kelly would be played by Mohr's Go costar Timothy Olyphantwho had passed on the part twice before agreeing to take the role.

In perhaps another Girl next door for business to the film Risky Business musical cues from the song Love On A Real Train can be he heardwhen both Elisha Cuthbert's and Emile Hirsch's characters see each other for the first time. Risky Business and American Pie are influences behind the film. David Daskal from Average Joe appears in the beginning of the movie in a group of students and later on, as a student in the classroom.

Director Cameo Luke Greenfield : the director of the porn film being shot towards the end of the movie. Spoilers The trivia items below may give away important plot points. Emile Hirsch was really hurt when he is beaten in the car by Timothy Olyphant as Olyphant's rings kept scratching him. Croixa real-life porn actor. The photo release form that falls on the floor towards the climactic film shooting scene reveals that the name of the production company for the film is named Passion Pit.

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Girl next door for business

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"Girl Next Door" is little more than "Risky Business" redux