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Well working down in Lima was told there is only on strip club and you don't want to go. Well they were wrong I wanted to go. I was presently surprised by the quality of the dancers and the club. Fairly clean thru out not dirty at all. The girls were fair couple of 's on Well one of the 5's sat down started out telling me how broke she was and didn't know how she was going to pay motel Lima ohio nude club well I had an idea. Drank a few drinks with her tipped a couple other dancers eventually went in the back room and did a couple dances with her.

Well she wasn't going to get her rent from me for her lively conversation. After 2 dances she asked how they were I said well not like the ones I get in Toledoshe wanted to know what was different I said Toledo I get a lot more action she asked what kind I said any kind I want. Well she probably got kicked out of her hotel that night because she didn't want to do any more than a light grind on my manhood. I made it pretty apparent I was willing to help her out with some rent but she didn't seem to want any help so I left and called it a night.

Overall not a bad club just not the extras I was looking for. My next trip in there was the same I will review it later if I get a chance. I was traveling in the area and was going to be in Lima over night. It was after when I got settled into the hotel enough to be bored.

From the outside, the place looked like a dump, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the level of service in some dumps. Not a problem. I was told by a dancer that their drinks were the same price as patron drinks. Lima ohio nude club patron has to pay the bartender up front for the dances. I'm not sure what happens if a patron decides to go for additional dances, but I also find it difficult to get excited enough to spontaneously get additional dances out of zeitgeist. I got private dances from 2 girls.

The first was not upset at all when I told her that I was switching to another girl. We all know that girls get possessive sometimes Both girls gave as much quality in their dances as permitted and danced for the entire song. Again, "private" was a term that was improperly applied. In all, it's a fair place to stop. Because this is the only place in Lima, I Not many lights in the parking lot should have given me a clue.

The area around the club did not look safe. Now the issue the club was closed for the night however the door was unlocked and a few people inside the club.

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No light on inside the club. Talking to the people inside side they were closed on Monday because of very few customers. The outside was advertising for dancers. This is the only club in about 50 miles and when there before they were always short girls. I was staying in the area for work and the Landing Strip is the only club within 70 miles.

The outside is not much to look at.

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The inside is an ordinary club, think it's been there a while. The chair and lap dance seats are not that good. There were long periods were no girls are on stage. The only good thing is a petite lady, Deja Vu. She is one of the best on pole I have seen in 30 year of clubbing. A big negative is the no touching policy but if you tip well a little feel might be had. Toggle lustnames.

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now. Strip clubs U. Ohio Lima Landing Strip. Landing Strip 5 reviews Add review. Club type: Topless Dancers.

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Lima ohio nude club

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