Little Rock married dating

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Lindsey Stone's young niece, Kylie, suggested Lindsey log onto Christianmingle. She was more than a little amazed that the thenyear-old knew about that site. She is my life so I needed him to love her as well. I was more excited and happy that it was happening. I was ready to have the ceremony and celebrate with everybody and then go on our honeymoon.

It felt right. She had some serious surgeries while we were dating, and he accepted her and did not freak out when terrible things happened. I called and asked her if she could bring me a gas can and pick me up so I could put gas in my car.

She was there in about 10 minutes. That was one of the little things that happened throughout our relationship where she showed her true colors. I said, 'That's OK, not everybody gets married. I'm not married.

Around the same time, in Januaryshe was setting up her Christian MingleClint Overman was setting up his. His work schedule didn't leave him much time to meet people. Lindsey was the first woman he contacted. She mentioned her daughter in her profile, as well as that she's a sports fan. She seemed like a very strong woman, very independent. That kind of drew Little Rock married dating to her. They messaged back and forth through the dating website for a while before starting to text.

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A month or so later, they decided to meet for dinner at an Italian restaurant in west Little Rock. I thought, 'Wow, she's beautiful. They had driven their own cars to the restaurant but they left together in Clint's, first stopping to browse at a bookstore and then going on to a movie theater for a showing of Silver Linings Playbook. After that night, they were together as often as possible. Most of the time, Skylar was with them. He met her pretty early because I was like, 'Well, this is my life,'" Lindsey says. Sometimes, though, they would find a sitter and see a movie or go to dinner or climb Pinnacle Mountain.

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One of their favorite outings was to sporting events, from the Arkansas Travelers to national teams. She's a Yankees fan so we butt he a couple of times a year when they play each other.

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In OctoberClint sat next to Lindsey as she waited for the bus to arrive to take Skylar to school. Casually, in the midst of a mundane morning routine, he asked her to marry him. Skylar's health was declining and she was placed in hospice care shortly after Lindsey and Clint met. During the ceremony, Clint read a message to her about how he was not just marrying Lindsey but that he was marrying into their family. He and Lindsey gave her a bracelet engraved with her new initials.

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There were men in there crying who I didn't even know had tear ducts," Lindsey says. Since then, Skylar's health has improved and the Overmans have welcomed a new baby -- Sawyer, 10 months. Lindsey is a research program manager for the birth defects research section at the Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute, and Clint is an administrator with the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

If you have an interesting how-we-met story or know someone who does, please call or :. Print Headline: 8-year-old's advice led aunt to internet, marriage. The Overman family now has a son, too — month-old Sawyer. Clint and Lindsey Overman met through an online dating site suggested to Lindsey by her thenyear-old niece, Kylie. Kylie and her sister, Abby, regularly asked Clint while he was dating Lindsey whether he would be their new uncle.

Photo by Shana Martin Photography Clint and Lindsey Overman met through an online dating site suggested to Lindsey by her thenyear-old niece, Kylie.

Little Rock married dating

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