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I think men are generally happier than women because it doesn't take a man as much to make him happy. I guess if you factor all of the different things like women are using a different response scale, then it just gets very confusing. Women's quality of life is better than that of men according to most indicators. If they felt less happy that would be counter-intuitive and needed an explanation. Now it's exactly as it should be. This article has some weaknesses: 1 It first assumes that women have a worse life, which is not a given fact, than ask the question "why do women say they are more happier than men".

So if a person says "I'm very happy" who is to tell him "no you are not that happy".

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Or if a person says "I'm not happy" who is to tell him "no, you are very happy"? People judging other people's happines doesn't say anything about what their reference points are. People can have double standards.

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They can say "I'm making k per month, have friends, love, family but I'm unhappy", while judge another lonely person who's just making 1k per month "he's making enough money, so he must be happy". People judge other people different from themselves, so the vignette method is far from being reliable.

Women are more likely to be divorced? So more lesbian couples divorce than gay couples? That's the only possibility that can make this true. Also, they are more likely to be widowed? So men die more often than women then. Which is worse, the dying party or widowed party? I am seeing a lot of biases in this article. Published on Development Impact. Guest post by Mallory Montgomery. Share Tweet Share Comment.

This is the sixteenth in our series of job market posts this year. My job market paper seeks to answer that question. Traditionally, development economics has focused on improving economic development: increasing incomes or reducing poverty. While economic development is a worthwhile goal, there is much to human welfare that economic development alone does not capture.

In the last few years, life satisfaction research has received more interest from economists, including from recent Nobel laureates Joseph Stiglitz and Angus Deaton. Life satisfaction research captures more than some of the most popular measures of welfare e. GDP per capita. But, Lonely women in Montgomery any measure, it needs to be validated.

To do so, I use data from the Gallup World Pollwhich interviews people around the world asking them about the things that are important to them, including their life satisfaction, or happiness, overall. I analyze responses from about 46, people in countries.

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Women definitely say they are happier On average, when rating how satisfied they are with their present lives as a whole, women put themselves at 2. In the U. When I control for other characteristics — country, income, employment status, marital status, education level, whether or not the person has health problems, and whether they live in an urban or a rural area — the gap more than doubles.

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Do women really feel that much happier than men? How about…? Plus, women have less representation in most governments, face gender discrimination, and are more frequently victims of personal violence. Anchoring vignettes let us compare responses on the same scale If we only consider self-reports, it sounds like women are happier than men.

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But what if women are systematically using the response scale differently than men are? What if women have a different set of reference points for what kind of life deserves a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the scale? In addition to rating their own life satisfaction, every respondent also rated the life satisfaction of six hypothetical people in short stories called anchoring vignettes. Here are examples of the vignettes: Think of a female who is 40 years old and happily married with a good family life. Her monthly family income is about [median income].

Lonely women in Montgomery has severe back pain, which keeps her awake at night. Think of a male who is 25 years old and single without many friends. He makes about [half median income] per month. He feels he has little control over his job and worries about losing it. He has no health problems but feels stressed sometimes. On average, women rated all six vignettes higher than men did, by about 0. In other words, for the same described life circumstances, women gave a higher life satisfaction response. The left two scales of the figure below show how two people answer the life satisfaction question for themselves and three vignettes.

Maria rates herself in the middle, which for her is between vignettes 1 and 2.

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The first assumption is straightforward, and several authors have found that it generally holds e. King et al. I tested the second assumption, and my show that it also holds. This analysis shows that looking only at self-reports le to a misunderstanding of gender differences. Any comparison between groups — residents of different countries, people with different ethnic backgrounds, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot know what scale differences exist without including anchoring vignettes in surveys. Mallory Montgomery is a Ph. A version of this post was published at The Evidence Base.

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Lonely women in Montgomery

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