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Analysis of the fluid demonstrates that it is chemically different from urine. It usually occurs with stimulation of the area called the G spot, and often occurs with orgasm. Female ejaculation refers to the expulsion of fluid from the urethra that is different from urine. Some women expel a fluid from their urethra during sexual stimulation and some expel the fluid at orgasm. Aristotle was probably the first to write about female ejaculation, and Galen is said to have known about it in the second century C.

De Graaf, in his New Treastise Concerning the Generative Orgasm of Womenin described the female prostate and the fluid from the urethra in some detail. The biological phenomenon of female ejaculation has always been a normal and pleasurable experience of women's sexuality. It was a tradition of ancient cultures of China, India, Japan, as well as other territories in Asia and Africa. The Romans called these fluids liquor vitaeand in ancient India this female erotic fluid was known as a amrita nectar of the gods.

Some of the women who reported that they lost fluid from their urethra had very strong pelvic floor muscles, while women with stress urinary incontinence usually have weak pelvic floor muscles. The women with strong pelvic floor muscles also resported that they only lost fluid from their urethra during sexual stimulation and some during orgasm.

The of this study demonstrated that the pelvic muscle strength of women who experience female ejaculation was ificantly stronger than that of women who did not have this experience. The woman who experienced female ejaculation also reported that there seemed to be a sensative area felt through the anterior wall of their vagina and stimulation of this area caused the expulsion of fluid from their urethra and in some cases an orgasm that felt different from their orgasm from clitoral stimulation. They reported that the orgasm felt deeper inside their body and produced a bearing-down sensation, with the uterus pushing down into the vagina, rather than the tenting effect of the vagina where the end of the vagina balloons out and the uterus pulls up as reported at orgasm by Masters and Johnson inin response to clitoral stimulation.

Milan Zaviacic and Beverly Whipple started an corresponce after Perry and Whipple first published Looking to cum in a girl findings in They met personally when Whipple visited Zaviacic in Bratislava in and again in They had mutual interests in female expulsion of fluid from the urethra, and thus began an over year history of collaboration and consultation. Unfortunately, Zaviacic passed away on January 9, After conducting hundreds of studies, Zaviacic concluded that the fluid comes from the female prostate gland. His bookThe Human Female Prostatecites most of his anatomical studies as well as chemical analysis of the fluid.

This fluid has been analyzed chemically by many, such as Addiego and colleaguesZaviacic and colleaguesBelzer, Whipple, and Mogerand Rubio-Casillas and Janniniall of whom found that the chemical components of the ejaculated fluid were ificantly different from urine from the same subjects.

Specifically, the ejaculate contains high levels of prostatic acid phosphatase, prostatic specific antigen, glucose, and fructose, but low levels of urea and creatinine. The chemical composition of healthy urine is the opposite of female ejaculate, so they are easily differentiated from each other. That is, healthy urine contains high levels of urea and creatinine and no prostatic acid phosphatase or glucose.

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Of course, the urine of persons with diabetes may contain glucose. Other researchers have described the occurrence of female ejaculation without. There are many films and books claiming to teach women to ejaculate Sundahlbut these films and books do not report an analysis of the fluid, and the amounts shown to be expelled in these films are much larger than those collected and analyzed in laboratory settings. Their biochemical evidence demonstrates that the clear and abundant fluid that is ejected in gushers is different from the real female ejaculation, and all are different from urine from the same subject.

Consequently, it is questionable whether in those cases the large amounts of fluid are female ejaculate or, more likely, diluted urine. In support of his hypothesis, he found that PSA prostate specific antigenwhich is present in women's ejaculate, was absent from the women's urine before sexual self-stimulation, but present in their urine and their ejaculate after sexual self-stimulation.

It is important to be aware from these studies that some women expel a fluid that is different from urine during sexual activities and orgasm and some women may also expel urine.

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Whipple and Komisaruk reviewed the literature and reported that in some women G spot stimulation, orgasm, and female ejaculation are related, while in others they are not. Addiego and colleagues and Ladas, Whipple, and Perryreported that some women have reported experiencing ejaculation with orgasm from clitoral stimulation, and some women have reported experiencing ejaculation without orgasm.

Ejaculation is reported by most women who experience it as extremely pleasurable. The biological phenomenon of female ejaculation and female ejaculate exhibits properties important for specific issues in sexology, forensic sexology, forensic medicine, urology, gynecological urology, chronobiology, reproductive medicine, and sexual medicine.

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It is important for women and their male and female partners to know that the phenomenon of female ejaculation is normal and an often attractive part of healthy sexuality. It is also important for healthcare providers to be aware of this phenomenon and to help their patients realize that this is a normal, healthy part of female sexual responses.

It is also important for women and their partners to realize that female ejaculation should not be set up as a goal for them or their partners to achieve. When something like female ejaculation is set up as a goal, much of the pleasure of the process of sensual and sexual expression is lost. Women are encouraged to enjoy what they experience and to feel good about the variety of sensual and sexual experiences that they find pleasurable.

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