Lunch dinner or breakfast date

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Benjamin Mann is a young professional currently living, working, and dating in Toronto. More of his writing can be found at yourbrainondating. You might wonder about things like wardrobe, elegance of the meal, and what may transpire after. Statistically, there are three relative factors that come along with dinner: a longer duration, a larger tab, and a closer proximity to intercourse. But realistically, lunches can go on for hours, six drinks can cost as much as dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and I find few things more exciting than a good roll in the hay during Family Feud.

The first big problem with this conditioning is that it makes everyone think too much. Dating should be simple. You dig someone, you do stuff with them. If you enjoy it, you do more stuff. What does it get us? I also have to align a date agenda with some informal intensity scale? What about more unconventional dates like a sports event, grocery shopping, or strip Pictionary?

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This is pointless. I was debating this topic with a good friend and I told him about a date on which I went for a bike ride to the beach and played catch.

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Stop trying to fabricate or interpret intensity and romance. Just be in a position to discover it. Next time someone asks you to dinner on a Saturday night, ask them if you can get smoothies Sunday morning instead. Then after smoothies, have sex. Do that enough and pretty soon your knees will buckle every time you pass a Booster Juice. And dinner? Want more updates on the most Notable things happening so you know before your colleagues do?

Get our exclusive newsletter here and follow us on Twitter for all the latest. Menu Open. Search Terms Close search. If I told you I was going on a date this Thursday, you would probably do two things. Here, almost unconsciously, a line will be drawn. Come on.

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We should be focusing on the connection not the context.

Lunch dinner or breakfast date

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Would you rather a first date be a lunch or dinner date?