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Leaving behind scattered documents of data, spreheets and information, a Manitoba poultry plant can more accurately plan their future production.

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Internationally recognized and fully integrated software is now helping to improve the communication and organization of data. It will take about six months for the system to become fully adapted, but once it does the company will be able to better plan the fulfillment of customer orders based on knowing what amount and size of birds they will be receiving on each shipment.

Prior to this system the company would have a rough idea of how many birds would be delivered and how much each bird would weigh, but it would rarely be accurate.

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With the new software, Granny's producers can input of birds, weight, and instances of mortality, giving the plant a clear sense of what it will be able to process to best meet customer needs. The software is deed specifically for the needs of a poultry plant and Granny's is the first in Canada to implement it.

It tracks key information unique to poultry hatching and processing, such as: the weight of birds, and inventory of breeder flocks, eggs, chicks and broilers ready to process. Once it is fully Manitoba grannies and about six month's worth of data is entered, the software will start helping to plan the next year's hatching schedule, quota utilization and production.

Granny's was founded more than 50 years ago by a group of rural Manitoba farmers who wanted to ensure consistent high quality and fair pricing for the poultry they raised.

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Since then, the business has grown into the largest poultry processor in the province, with close to employees. It processes more than 17 million chickens, turkeys and fowl each year and distributes its products across the country.

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It will definitely help to boost their production and profitability," said Grant Carlson, program manager at Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. The project was funded in part by the Growing Value program, which aims to assist in the purchase of equipment, programs, or training that add value and innovation to the market.

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This can include new product development, market research, value-added equipment purchases, adoption of environmental sustainability practices and skill development. Content.

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Granny's new software to boost efficiency, effectiveness and profits Eggs being sorted by date at Granny's facility. Get Started.

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