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Print this issue. Are you male or female? The answer to this seemingly simple question can have a major impact on your health. While both sexes are similar in many ways, researchers have found that sex and social factors can make a difference when it comes to your risk for disease, how well you respond to medications, and how often you seek medical care. Defining Differences — Sex is biological. Males have one X and one Y chromosome Structure made of genetic material and proteins. Humans normally have 46 chromosomes 23 pairs in each cell.

Females have two X chromosomes in every cell.

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These cells make up all your tissues and organs, including your skin, heart, stomach, muscles, and brain. Gender is a social or cultural concept.

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It refers to the roles, behaviors, and identities that society ass to girls and boys, women and men, and gender-diverse people. Gender is determined by how we see ourselves and each other, and how we act and interact with others. Because gender influences our behaviors and relationships, it can also affect health. For instance, women and men can have different symptoms during a heart attack. For both men and women, the most common heart attack symptom is chest pain or discomfort.

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But women are more likely than men to have shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and pain in the back, shoulders, and jaw. Knowing about such differences can lead to better diagnoses and outcomes. Men and women also tend to have different responses to pain. NIH-funded researchers recently learned that different cells in male and female mice drive pain processing. Attention to Addiction — Scientists are finding that addiction to nicotine and other drugs is influenced by sex as well.

Sex also influences disease risk in addiction.

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For example, women who smoke are more susceptible to lung and heart disease than men who smoke. One NIH-funded research team has detected some of these differences in the brain. These brain movies showed that smoking alters dopamine in the brain at different rates and in different locations in males and females.

Dopamine release in nicotine-dependent men occurred quickly in a brain area that reinforces the effect of nicotine and other drugs. Women also had a rapid response, but in a different brain region—the part associated with habit formation.

Kelly Cosgrove, a brain-imaging expert at Yale University. More than 16 million Americans have diseases caused by smoking. But autoimmune conditions in men are often more severe. But men seem more likely to get a progressive form of MS that gradually worsens and is more challenging to treat. Understanding these influences improves health and saves the lives of both men and women.

You can improve your health and that of your loved ones by being more aware of sex and gender differences.

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See the Wise Choices box for details, and talk to your health care provider about any concerns you might have. Battling Bent Blood Cells. Personalized Exercise? Getting a Genetic Test. Editor: Harrison Wein, Ph. Managing Editor: Tianna Hicklin, Ph. Illustrator: Alan Defibaugh. Attention Editors: Reprint our articles and illustrations in your own publication. Our material is not copyrighted. For more consumer health news and information, visit health. For wellness toolkits, visit www. Site Menu Home.

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Sex chat clayton s ill

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