Single momma no drama

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Baby mama drama- a statement slang used by youth to identify one another negative behaviour between the young parents. When the new woman believes the baby mama wants her man so she intervenes even though it is none of her business. The new woman believes this because it makes her feel like she has won something. In reality, the baby mama only wants the man to do his legal duty of supporting he helped create.

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His excuse to his new partner. Phonomena where the black female 'single' parent lives her life as a narrative where the father of at least one of her children is blamed for any or all of her life challenges. When the dumb-ass baby mama starts shit because she is jealous of the new woman.

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In addition to craving motherly attention, they lack basic verbal skills of gratitude. Also, they may chew with their mouth open and have no boundaries between what you should and should NEVER say to a person. What is mama drama? While waiting on the bus stop, a young couple begin to have an argument about the young mother being respected by the young father.

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As the argument begin to escalate into physical argument between the two. Now realizing their surroundings and the adults around them an addition to their small four month old daughter in the carrier.

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The mother tells the father. That he amounts to nothing and to just leave her alone. You're nothing but baby mama drama.

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Friend: What's with all the baby mama drama? Since you've been with your new boyfriend all I get from you is Baby Mama Drama. Baby mama probably got pregnant on purpose thinking she could hold on to the man-finds out ain't nothin' happening and gets mad. Jamie: So why did you break up with Colin? Amber: Oh my gosh girl, he was no mama drama.

Single momma no drama

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What is mama drama?