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Milwaukee is at nine when it comes to the top cities in America that caters to singles and their entertainment lifestyle. Although, Milwaukee does not have the New York or Miami culture, it still hold its own with sizeable clubs, bar and other types of entertainment. There are a lot of single people that live in Milwaukee and they are no different from single people in big cities. They too, want to have a good time. Most of them want to have an active lifestyle and Milwaukee does not fall all that short. There are some really cool places that Milwaukee singles can visit to have a good time.

These Milwaukee hookup spots have earned their place in the guide compiled by SoNaughty. There are several romantic spots to go have a drink and dance the night away. It is quite easy to find someone to hook up with and it doesn't take that much effort if you go by the list put together by SoNaughty. Singles are never excluded from anything going on in the city of Milwaukee. The social scene is hands down great for singles and couples alike. If your goal is to hook up with someone on any given night, the Milwaukee social scene makes it a slam dunk. In the city of Milwaukee, discos predated the idea of disco music by almost ten years.

During those years, nightclubs were known as discotheques. It was the same thing where you were privy to live music, live bands, records spun by local DJs and a stereo system blasting throughout the disco club. The transitioning from live band entertainment to disco was as a result of economics and finance for a lot of club owners. A few other disco clubs were similar in how they embraced the rebirth of night life in the city and this was felt by the late s.

One of the adult disco clubs was the Safe Swingers club Milwaukee where it catered to a more mature audience that were not fussy about brushing aside the DJ spinning, but instead danced to music that was pre-recorded. This club opened inbut closed its doors a few years later. Rock clubs began to open up in the late s as discotheques became a distant memory.

The younger crowd flooded the rock clubs and inone of the first rock clubs was the Cabaret. This rock club could be found at East Juneau where the Village Church is now located. It became a popular nightclub in no time because of its New York style when it came to nightlife where singles bars were the norm. You could enjoy high-end alcohol and you had the chance to reserve a bar stool for any of the girls you made a connection with. They had booths that were hidden away from the general public. You had to reserve a spot. But, you had to have the cash to do so. And of course, that would guarantee that you would get laid.

The dancing and music was just a prelude to the actual intimate action. In the mid s, the nightlife scene changed to a new Swingers club Milwaukee of clubs that were completely different from the past. Fashion remained the same, but the music is what changed. There was more upbeat music on both the airwaves and in the clubs.

Most of the clubs during the mid s had already stopped playing disco music. The Stone Toad club for example, located on North Broadway started doing live rock shows instead of disco music. Some clubs kept playing disco music because of not being able to book live bands. Many think that Swingers club Milwaukee disco music came from the gay culture, but that is still debatable. But, yet some people may be right as gay adults are not afraid to let their guard down and dance the night away, no matter which music is playing.

Leave your home around PM to enjoy the nightlife in the city of Milwaukee. Try not to leave your house after 10PM or you may have to stand in a very long line. Some of the hookup spots Milwaukee offers do close earlier than others. So PM is a good enough time to leave home.

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For Milwaukee Hookup Spotswe have compiled the best list for you so you don't have to do a search on your own. Choose the one you would like to visit first. We guarantee that you will find someone that you can connect with. Yes, there are a lot of eye candy at most hookup spots, simplifying the process.

There is no need to search for Hookup Spots to get hooked. For more fun things to do, check this out. This makes it so much easier for you to pick one or two to visit.

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Toggle. The Palm Tavern. The Outsider. The Lucid Light Lounge. The Hot Water Wherehouse. The Red Rock Saloon. LaCage Nite Club. Secret Sensations. Husb Partyz. Freedom Valley. Milwaukee Hookup Spots. Best Time To Go Out. Milwaukee Hookup Spots: Directory For Milwaukee Hookup Spotswe have compiled the best list for you so you don't have to do a search on your own. Bryant's Type. Brief Description. Bryant's is the bar that you should visit, if you are looking for a menu filled with cocktails and singles walking through the door in droves. The Bryant's has that swanky lounge setting.

You could even compare it to a corner tavern where you are able to order any kind of cocktail that you want. Some of their cocktails were created from scratch. You won't go wrong with Bryant's. The Palm Tavern Type.

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The Palm Tavern could be considered upscale and posh. Walking in, you would think it is a dive bar. It could be due to the fact it is in a historic building. You won't see any darts, television or beer s in this building, though. Rather, you will see a bar display that is well lit.

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You will find a bunch of local art displayed on the wall and on the cocktail menu; you will definitely see a list of rare spirits and beers. The Outsider Type. The Outsider is a rooftop bar and this is rare to the city of Milwaukee. You don't find a lot of them there.

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This rooftop bar is inside the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel on the ninth floor. It has become quite popular as a hot hookup spot with an amazing skyline view and a packed cocktail menu. The Outsider bar is elegant, inviting and elegant.

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It is the coveted location for those looking for a sophisticated place to find classy Swingers club Milwaukee to hook up with. The bar has fire pits and blankets for the guest. You can even stretch out in one of their plush daybeds, if you are so inclined.

Inside the building is cozy and comfy. If you don't mind curling up and getting comfy while drinking a nice cocktail and beef jerky, then this is the spot for you. The Sugar Maple sells craft beer and has more than sixty taps. The bartenders know what they are doing. If you were to place an order for an MGD, then you would be offered a whole list of beers.

You get a dollar discount on all their beers and cocktails. The Lucid Light Lounge Type. Available parking, wheelchair accessibility, credit card accepted, special events. The Lucid Light Lounge is where you can get a great nightlife experience. You can expect to get quality service and access to open of the best dance floors in Milwaukee. The club has a studio and broadcast booth indoors where live radio broadcasts are made each month.

Guest artists are interviewed from this location and patrons get to meet some very important people. The Hot Water Wherehouse Type.

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The Hot Water Wherehouse has one location, but two different spaces. This is one of the best dance clubs in the city of Milwaukee. You can find it on South Water Street, close to the Warehouse district. Make sure you have Swingers club Milwaukee your dancing shoes when you get there. The club welcomes everyone, whether you are gay or straight. Country music is the main entertainment every other Friday. The dance culture is lively.

The DJ plays salsa, rock and roll and techno music. Fridays and Sundays, the club is open for rental. The Red Swingers club Milwaukee Saloon Type. Available parking, wheelchair accessible, credit card accepted, live music, special events.

Red Rock Saloon entertains guests with a live band each and every Friday and at times on Saturdays. The club has a large stage for dancing. You can get food when hungry. The menu includes burger platters, chili, ribs and chicken; just to name a few. The food is delicious. The nightlife is amazing as the location transforms into a music venue for a range of ages. Most patrons love country music and looking forward to the nights when this is the theme. This one is worth your time and visit, if you are looking for low key entertainment.

LaCage Nite Club Type. Wheelchair accessible, available parking, credit card accepted, heated patio. The LaCage Nite Club is one of the oldest dance clubs for gays. But, they also welcome any gender. The club has six bars and multiple dance floors. It is quite a lively scene with a wide range of video screens and a large dance floor.

You can expect talented female impersonators on Friday nights. There is a dance bar downstairs and a show bar upstairs. You should be prepared to walk several flights of stairs in order to get to the show bar. When you arrive, you will definitely see that money was put into making the show bar spectacular and organized with excellent lighting. This is one of the best Milwaukee hookup spots to go dancing. The Montage Lounge hosts the drag show. Kruz Type.

Swingers club Milwaukee

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