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Started by Infantry leadership inthe National Infantry Association is the professional association for Infantrymen and Infantry supporters.

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The NIA, chartered as a private, non-profit, fraternal organization, supports the Infantry's role in the security of our nation; helps Infantrymen build closer affiliations with one another; and helps preserve the Infantry heritage. Our increasing membership strength ensures that the Infantry voice will be heard by decision makers.

You will share the camaraderie of like-minded soldiers and citizens who believe in maintaining the Infantry spirit, and you can help recognize outstanding Infantrymen through the Order of St. Maurice Award. You will receive the Infantry Bugler magazine, and you will support the new National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center at Patriot Park, and the educational values associated with it.

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How do I benefit? Various activities may include meetings, picnics and sponsored events. Awards Program - The Order of Saint Maurice was established to recognize the achievements of deserving Infantrymen and Infantry supporters, and the Shield of Sparta-Heroine of Infantry recognizes a spouse who has contributed ificant support to the Infantry.

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A nominator must be a member of the NIA. Scholarships - Assist members and their families financially with college education expenses. Infantry Bugler - a quarterly publication written for Infantrymen and their supporters.

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This newsmagazine gives every member a platform to communicate with other Infantrymen. Funded By:. National Infantry Association.

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