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I would like OTR which most of you say i will start out as anyways. I imagine this because OTR drivers are always gone. Plus who knows if you'll be driving the same routes and going to all the same places. On the other hand i know that anyone who's serious about you will meet you halfway and understand that your job requires being gone for long periods of time. Has anyone here found love after becoming a long distance driver?

OTR driving normally means you'll be hauling freight to various customers throughout your company's hauling region. It often entails being gone from home for two to three weeks at a time. Meeting someone new, that is something they must accept. Those I know in trucking met their wives on the road and now they team.

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One friend told me he fell in love with his wife when he saw her pull into a truck stop and back in without doing a pull up. She jumped out of the truck and he introduced himself. They have been driving 14 years together now. Another of my friends was a trainer and trained a woman. They were so good together they started teaming and three years later got.

So is it possible? Miss you love you can't wait to see you Keep in mind too that home time can be wherever you want And if possible and the company allows it, you can bring her along occasionally. One friend would have his wife take a two week vacation from her job then he'd pick her up and take her out for a couple weeks, being sure to go to fun places like Vegas or Florida beaches or something. I'm still looking for a really hot poor guy, or an old rich one with a heart problem. Seems more likely you will find a woman than I'll find my guy hahhah. Lol, you'll find someone when you least expect it.

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I came to my company fresh out of cdl school. The female trainer i was supposed to go with for 30 days had some appointments for routine medical screening. The student coordinator told me on a Thursday after orientation, that my trainer wouldnt be in til Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week. I told her, if necessary, I would wait, however I was hoping to get started sooner. She then asked me Iifuf I was willing to go with a male trainer. I told her it didn't matter as a trainer is a trainer and gender made no difference to me. Turns out a guy I had already been talking to outside, was a trainer who had just come in for a 10 hour break and didn't have a student, because he had told them he needed a break from training.

Anna and I walk outside to smoke and there he was. She asked him right in front of me if he was willing to take a female student. He did not know it would be me.

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He almost exactly mimicked my earlier response to her, except instead of trainer he said student. She looked at me, formally introduced us and told me to get my belongings. We left that night. We became friends and kept in touch after I went solo. We began dating and sharing home time and have been teaming, which I have enjoyed.

Now it's time for us to move on. Yep we are still happily unmarried and dating, but safety has asked me to train, and trying to push him to return to training. I've seen other future couples meet during a company orientation, and like the friend who saw a female driver backing.

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Keep yourself up, don't go around looking like some greasy pig lol, and i would be willing to bet, when you least expect it, you'll meet someone. Thats why I run west 11, she can't catch me out here haha!! Chris, you asked a question that almost doesn't have a good answer. On the road, you don't get face time with anyone except other drivers. I had a similar experience in another time, another place, another universe.

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It is possible to build a relationship with a potential ificant Other without actually meeting. Phone, text,video chat can help. These can work on a daily basis, but sooner or later you have to arrange a physical get together. Rainy,I could tell you some advantages of being a diver, but this is a family friendly website. Check out our help videos for a better understanding of our Trucker looking for friend features. Did you know you can fill out one quick form here on TruckingTruth and apply to several companies at once for paid CDL training?

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Hahaha Keep in mind too that home time can be wherever you want Thanks rainy D i hope you find your mate. The problem is Rainy keeps getting sidetracked stalking guys on TT, lol. Susan D. Gladhand's Comment. Errol V. Good luck. Diver Driver's Comment. Diver Driver. Seems more likely you will find a woman than I'll find my guy hahhah The problem is Rainy keeps getting sidetracked stalking guys on TT, lol. Thanks you two, that's the best thing I've read all day. Remy E. And here Trucker looking for friend am avoiding relationships like the plague!

Patrick R. I tried to offer myself to Rainy but she kept turning me down. Chicks hate romantics :P lol. New Reply: New! Link Text: example: TruckingTruth Home. New Photo. Please enter a caption of one sentence or less:.

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Trucker looking for friend

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